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Short Description
Aroma beads holds specific oils scents. Alternative to sprays, electric , burning products. Affordable prices. Recyclable jars. Unique scents offered.

Aroma Beads are a small plastic beads that absorbs color and fragrance oil. They are used for many things, one of which is " Age Potpourri!" They are a unique mixture made with uncut fragrance oil. They are not to be used for your body, but as a home decor item or an aroma therapy product. The unique mixture of items absorb the scent and leave the beads with a wonderful aroma. Stronger than conventional potpourri.

Long Description
I am very allergic to many scented air fresheners, candles, waxes, plug ins types of products. Wasting tons of money on trying ones that might work. After much research I found these "unscented aroma beads " and how to make yourself. Choosing scents to try. The process is VERY TIME CONSUMING and has multiple steps, space, and a lot of detailed work. I am trying to offer scents that are hard to find locally and will offer common ones at special requests. Being at home is a real blessing to me. I have met a lot of people who are scent sensitive and encouraged me to offer to others. I always research my ideas for the best knowledge and prices.
Please PM me for any questions not found on this page. Be sure to FRIEND me first, because I cannot see other folders.
Refer a friend that buys at least 10.00 in product and get a free gift. Some restrictions apply.
Yes, you can buy your own unscented beads online and make at home. Anyone can do it. But do you have the time, space ect. to do this?
I must state that this is a "homemade good".
(just like candles, body soaps, scarves, hair bows, ect. I am not big box company. )
You don't eat this or use on your skin. This product is for making the air smell good 24-7, with no fire or electric uses.
They have many uses, unlike fire burning items candles and waxes. Plug-ins use electric. AROMA BEADS can be used 24-7 in any space. I love them in my dresser drawers, car, bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, shoes....
If you want a specific scent I don't have in stock I can get that on my next order. If its a scent that I am allergic too you will need to purchase the entire oil bottle. If you don't want the beads all cured at once I can send the bottle home with you. You also would need order at least 10.00 worth total including the oil.

General Information
Specific scents and sizes must be pre-ordered and paid.
Offers thru facebook often of scents ready for sale.
West side of Columbus 43228
The hours listed are time frames I can meet you somewhere. I can talk to you on facebook anytime I am on facebook.
Delivery within 20 miles for $5.
With purchase total over 15.00
Picking up your purchases?
For right now all first time customers will have these options of picking up at the following locations.
 ask me 
(no minimum required )
Marc's at Huber Village in Westerville 8.00 minimum of products.
Worthington Library off 161 8.00 minimum of products.
Costco at Polaris 10.00 minimum of products.
My home pickup is not available at this time for safety reasons.
If I know you that is ok.
If I go to church with you I will bring to church on a Sunday or Wednesday.
The Jars and lids are from Ball.
To help and offer those who are scent sensitive find items that will work for their needs.
Party gifts.
Alternative to candles, waxes, air spray.

 CASH ONLY at this time.
the beads are scented into the ball glass and sealed. After curing time they are then placed into brand new jars at each persons order, then sealed again.
Every item is carefully measured and weighed and sealed.
The organza bags are not sealable therefore when you order them please time it so that you can pick up as soon as they are ready. They will be placed into zip lock bags which do not seal the smell from evaporation.

 If you choose to buy a larger jar size and take home and place into your own jars or dishes that is your right to do, but doesn't reflect the same time lasting hours as if they stayed in the jars they were made into. For larger open spaces you may want to have more than one 4oz jar out.
If you think you might want to add multiple places buying the 16 oz same scent and buying your own mini jars . Ball is recommended.
16oz jar of beads must be the same scent.
If you want multiple scents suggestion would be to get the 2 oz jars or 1 oz bags.
 Never eat or use on your skin. After handling any beads wash hands to get the oils off.
Not responsible for anything after you take it home. 


Phone: 614-975-9069
Hours: 12-9pm

*Shipping option will be as follows:
*flat rate post office boxes (will get current price )
*organza bags only
*I will not ship glass jars.
*must prepay

* simply bags placed in to keep cost down.
*decoration to jars will be extra
*limited decorations at this time.
*special orders * extra fees


Sizes to purchase16 oz of Aroma Beads  in 32oz jar Displaying of jars side view2 oz aroma beads
1 oz aroma beadsSpecial plastic screwing lid (cap)business card1 ounce bag colors
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