THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH, GOD IS MY LIVING WATER! - Ask Jesus into your heart to be saved from Hell today. John 3:16

I will be posting often to my facebook page and h2joy aroma beads web page the different wreaths for sale or example of styles I can make.

Facebook name is Heather Joy ( h2joy aroma beads come up under the profile picture )
To view all wreaths available.
I also can use messenger to talk  with you.

I also have a lot of hair scrunchies made too so if you wanted to look thru them I made different sizes

Meeting up can make it easier for both of us.
I am willing to me the following places:
Holly Hill area 43228
West side Georgesville rd UDF parking lot
Grove City Home rd wafflehouse parking lot
Hilliard Rome Rd at IHop parking lot

All other deliveries start at 5.00 and up base on miles/time travel to your house.

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