THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH, GOD IS MY LIVING WATER! - Ask Jesus into your heart to be saved from Hell today. John 3:16
Host a party and get a free gift and special discounts.

Options to have your party
Churches, private party rooms at restaurants ,home,
also my home if an option.
invite your friends , co workers, neighbors and family.
It is strongly suggested you have at least 6 friends.
The presentation takes about 15 minutes and then you can shop away. I also can take customize orders with pre-payment.

I have several handmade items one of kind made.
I make women hair accessories
I make dog scrunchies like a necklace for fun.
I make wreath bows.
Present bows to add that special gift box.
I make label pins .
I have a few other unique items to add on.
I also make wreaths variety of styles.
The party will be about 1 hr.
I suggest you have a simply beverage for your guests.

I would need space to set up the display and table space or I can bring a small table with me.


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