THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH, GOD IS MY LIVING WATER! - Ask Jesus into your heart to be saved from Hell today. John 3:16
Welcome to my website! Thank you for your time.
What does H2JOY mean?
Well H2 is a childhood nick name that I have gone by my whole life, and Joy is my middle name. So for me it is a spiritual combination. The bible teaches us that Jesus wants us to drink in his spirit, as the living water within our mind and heart, which brings us Joy inside our souls and minds.
I, help minister to women who are going through life transitions. Who have been through very hard issues, such as death of a loved one abusive relationships, divorce, job loss, car accidents.
Any of these things can change your life and the path you were
headed in life has taken you now to a new cross road and being able to be in a safe home environment that can respect your privacy and your personal journey to finding the new path for your life , is the purpose of my ministry.

I hand make crafts to share the joy it brings me and hope it will bring you.
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